Loyal to a Fault

One thing I’ve read about Autsim, is that people on the Spectrum tend to be loyal. I find this true of myself. If I’m your friend, I mean it. I’m either all in or out. I’m the type of friend you can rely on. The difficult part is, I expect my friends to feel the same way. Sometimes it hurts because I think I’m friends with someone, and maybe I am, but their definition of friendship is different. I like friends I can be goofy with but also have serious deep conversations. I need friends that I can share personal details with, and someone who will tell me when I’m wrong. 

It’s not just friendships, however. I like to really think about something and when I commit, you’ve got me one hundred percent. I want to wait until I’m absolutely sure before making a decision. And it bugs me a lot when others don’t do the same. My parents used to tell me how responsible I was when I was younger. Perhaps this is the reason. Or, maybe their comments about me being responsible influenced me to be who I am today. Either way, my loyalty and commitment can be a good thing. I suppose I should expect less of others to avoid getting hurt or angry or frustrated. Or, perhaps I should focus on obeying God. I need to remind myself of this often because I am such a people pleaser. I need to refocus and become a God pleaser. 

Author: Lindsey Horton

Lindsey was diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder in her late twenties after graduating from college and struggling to find and hold down a job. She loves spending time with her family and strives to be a faithful follower of Christ. On her downtime, she enjoys relaxing with a movie or keeping up with her TV shows. Lindsey also enjoys reading and collecting more books than she has time to read. Her life verse is 2 Corinthians 12:7-10.

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